I got married! A child is born!

Why don’t you change your residence by “buying” or “selling” to start a new life?

We propose “selling” and “buying” to address various issues related to housing in the age of 100 years of life.

Focus on the living environment

Real estate support for choosing a home by living environment

Buying a home for the first time is a series of uncertainties. Whether you are an individual looking for a new home after getting married or an individual who currently owns a home and is considering relocating, Tokyo Happiness offers proposals tailored to each individual and provides total support for real estate transactions. We also cover tax consulting at the time of purchase and sale.

Service Overview

  • Total support for real estate purchases, from purchasing land to building freely
  • Provision of non-public leading information
  • Support for a variety of properties (condominiums, apartments, single-family homes, etc.)
  • Support for bank loan mediation
  • Insurance consulting for fire insurance, earthquake insurance, etc.

Housing selection to support your life

Buying residential real estate

Support for individual customers who need help in purchasing properties.

Service Overview

  • Consulting on inheritance and other matters
  • Proposal of tax planning including fixed asset and income tax
  • Proposals for repair, remodeling, and renovation, and construction follow-up