We support management by matching small and medium-sized companies and venture companies with technological prowess and East Asian capital, including China.

We realize smooth business investment through our trusted network.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services as M&A/business succession support.
Financial Due Diligence

With due diligence of target companies in M&A, we conduct detailed investigation, analysis, and periodic monitoring.

Investment Support

We provide investment support and dispatch of human resources in connection with M&A.

Reorganization Consulting

We propose the best scheme for mergers, demerger, share exchange/transfer, and business transfer in the context of accounting taxation and legal systems.

Stock evaluation services

We evaluate the fair value of shares in each phase of third-party allotments, share transfers, and corporate reorganizations, taking into account the latest share valuation precedents.

Our Strengths

Extensive experience in M&A
Chinese staff who understand Japanese culture
Strong connections with East Asian capital

Management Issues We Want to Solve

We view M&A as a strategic method for the survival and development of a company, and aim to solve management issues.
  • 1
    Succession Issues

    For companies without a successor, we match them with a company that has the capital to take over their business.

  • 2
    Reinforcement of management base in preparation for industry restructuring

    We help companies that are facing a difficult business environment due to the entry of competitors by providing them with capital to strengthen their management base.

  • 3
    Cooperation to expand business areas

    For companies that are concerned about securing future profits or survival, we support market expansion with a view to collaboration or overseas expansion.

Clear fee structure

We offer a three-tier fee structure based on results (initial, interim, and contingency fees).
We do not compare our fees with those of other companies. We do not accept transactions in which a reduction in fees would result in a decrease in quality.
Retainer fee
Business Value Calculation
Monthly fee
Stock transfer priceCommission rateFee
Calculation method of contingency fees