We provide an intermediary service for customers in China and other Asian countries, matching them with medical institutions in Japan.

We also partner with medical and related institutions on the Asian side and provide follow-up support for patients after they return to their home countries.

Our Services

We provide a series of services for treatment of illnesses, physical examinations, and cosmetic surgery for customers residing in Asia, including not only support during medical examinations in Japan, but also support from hearing about needs to follow-up support according to the results of diagnoses.
Hearing about treatment and diagnosis

Introduction of medical institutions

Acceptance on the Japanese side that meets your needs

Communication support

Simultaneous interpretation, translation of diagnosis results and medical history, etc.

Cost proposal and estimate preparation with the hospital side

Arrangement of transportation, accommodation, etc.

Referral to hospitals appropriate for the diagnosis

Including second opinion

Introduction to medical institutions in China that can provide follow-up services

Our Strengths

Introduction of appropriate personnel and medical institutions by our staff qualified as medical interpreters
Total support by Chinese staff who understand Japanese culture
Network in China and other Asian countries

Issues to be solved

In Japan, where medical technology has developed, the early detection rate of cancer is nearly 60%. In China, on the other hand, the rate remains low at 20%, and it must be said that medical technology in the Asian region is still in the process of development.

We would like to introduce Japan’s excellent medical institutions to those seeking treatment and diagnosis. By doing so, we hope to improve the health of people in Asia.

We also hope to serve as a bridge between medical professionals in Japan and the rest of Asia, and through the exchange of skills, knowledge, and expertise on both sides, we hope to lead to the development of medical services on a global scale.